Week 6 - Rita

Well, my stomach certainly forgot about our old friend, msg. I miss the fresh foods and palette pleasing heaps of hot food back in the Gambia. And I miss the cabs and vendors, shady games in the afternoon and ataaya at the poolside. That last week was something to savor.

In the last few days, I made some awkward attempts at gathering information for my project. Bill took me to Gunjur, where I was planning to spend the night with a family and do some interviewing. However, by the end of the day, hiking along the beachside took its toll and I felt that feeling that means 'go home.' So I did. I was disappointed that my momentum had abandoned me, but I got a small sample of a beautiful place. Gunjur is a fishing village situated near the beach, with a few fledgling tourist camps, some of which are village owned and operated. I really liked the atmosphere and hope to have the chance to take a longer look.

Next, I missed an interview, but made it to an ASSET (Association for Small Scale Ecotourism) meeting, where I got a good look at what was going on in the business end of these camps. At the meeting, I got to see many of the people I had interviewed earlier.

Mixed in with these final endeavors were trips to Banjul and Katchikally. I got to spend time with the hotel staff, who I already miss and ate lunch with the vendors. Departure came too fast and I found myself hanging out the bus window for bleary-eyed hugs. Juju's fastened 'round my neck, I settled in for the journey home. I miss you guys! The best to you all!

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