Dominican Republic June & July 2004 -- Album 2

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Casa Bonita in Barhona Our boat for the crocodile lake Muchos Crocodilos Mas Crocodilos The beach of the salt lake More scenery Looking out from the boat in crocodile lake After swimming in crocodile infested lake behind us Iguana More Iguana Posing after a successful rapel Some mid rapel photography One of our guides making sure no accidents happen Looking down from a rope bridge in Jarabacoa Ready to jump Canyoning in Jarabacoa Rafting in Jarabacoa More rafting in Jarabacoa A tin roof shack Policia de Turismo Salt-water mangroves Diving for a closer look at the reefs in Monti Cristi Our island jump-off spot for snorkelling A view of Haitian mountains from the beach in Monti Cristi The beach Our gang in Monti Cristi
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