Cast of Characters

Ensign Nellie Forbush -- Kristin Silvestro
Emile de Becque -- Carmund White
Ngana, his daughter -- Jessica Quigley
Jerome, his son -- Robbie Kronser
Henry, his native servant -- Daniel Notley
Bloody Mary -- Chelsea Mitchell
Liat, her daughter -- Molly McGaughran
Bloody Mary's Assistant -- Lucie Amadou
Luther Billis -- Aaron Jackson
Private Sven Larson -- Paul Chamberlain
Stewpot -- Kendal Sparks
Professor -- Kushagra Verma
Lt. Joseph Cable, US Marine Corps -- Kevin Massey
Capt. George Brackett, US Navy -- Harold Tagunicar
Cmdr. William Harbison, US Navy -- Mike Barroga
Lt. Buzz Adams -- Greg Kadajski
Yeoman Herbert Quale -- Aaron Spells
Radio Operator Bob McCaffrey -- Kurt Nelson
Seabee Richard West -- Stephen Secules
Sailor Tom O'Brien -- Ben Turner
Sgt. Kenneth Johnson, US Marine Corps -- Brian Ernest
Cpl. Hamilton Steeves, US Marine Corps -- Kurt Nelson
Staff Sgt. Thomas Hassinger, USMC -- Matt Thorpe
Lt. Genevieve Marshall -- Tressa Jones
Ensign Dinah Murphy -- Melissa Gambriel
Ensign Janet MacGregor -- Lauren Barrett
Ensign Connie Walewska -- Lavinia Creswa
Ensign Bessie Noonan -- Lindsey Halley
Ensign Lisa Minelli -- Stacie Hering
Ensign Pamela Whitmore -- Nicole Dziduch
Ensign Sue Yaeger -- Kali Hirschy-Houch
Ensign Cora MacRae -- Mary Anne Heath
Nurses -- Lucie Amadou, Amber Dziduch, Bobbe Morhiser,** Niketta Scott,* Tessa Silvestro, Christa Kronser, Amelia Ruggieri
Seabees -- Daniel Notley, Philip Walters***
Natives -- Lauren Barrett, Robbie Kronser, Amelia Ruggieri
Nuns -- Lavinia Creswa, Amber Dziduch
French Girls -- Melissa Gambriel, Mary Anne Heath, Tressa Jones, Christa Kronser
* understudy for Bloody Mary (performing 7/24)
** understudy for Nellie Forbush (performing 7/25)
*** understudy for Emile de Becque (performing 7/25)

The action takes place on two islands in the South Pacific during World War II.

Scene 1: Terrace of Emile de Becque's Plantation Home
Scene 2: Another Part of the Island
Scene 3: The Edge of a Palm Grove Near the Beach
Scene 4: The Company Street
Scene 5: Inside the Island Commander's Office
Scene 6: The Company Street
Scene 7: The Beach
Scene 8: The Company Street
Scene 9: Inside the Island Commander's Office
Scene 10: Another Part of the Island
Scene 11: Inside a Native Hut on Bali Ha'i
Scene 12: Near the Beach on Bali Ha'i
Scene 13: Emile's Terrace

There will be a 15 minute intermission between the Acts.

---one week elapses --

Scene 1: A Performance of "The Thanksgiving Follies"
Scene 2: Backstage at "The Thanksgiving Follies"
Scene 3: The Performance Resumes, as in Scene 1
Scene 4: Backstage, as in Scene 2
Scene 5: Another Part of the Island
Scene 6: The Radio Shack
Scene 7: Another Part of the Island
Scene 8: The Radio Shack
Scene 9: The Company Street
Scene 10: The Beach
Scene 11: The Company Street
Scene 12: Emile's Terrace

Musical Numbers
DITES-MOI Ngana and Jerome
Reprise: DITES-MOI Ngana and Jerome
BLOODY MARY Sailors, Seabees and Marines
THERE IS NOTHIN' LIKE A DAME Billis, Sailors, Seabees and Marines
BALI HA'I Bloody Mary
Reprise: SOME ENCHANTED EVENING Emile and Nellie
A WONDERFUL GUY Nellie and Nurses
Reprise: BALI HA'I French and Native Girls

DANCE Nellie, Nurses and G.I.'s
HAPPY TALK Bloody Mary and Liat
HONEY BUN Nellie, Billis and Ensemble
FINALE ULTIMO Emile, Nellie, Ngana and Jerome

Who's Who in the Cast (in alphabetical order)

Lucie Amadou (Bloody Mary's Assistant/Nurse) is a student at Laurel High School. She enjoys singing and watching TV. South Pacific is the first play she has been in. Lucie auditioned because she thought the play would be a nice experience, and it has been. Thank you for coming ‘cause this play means a lot to me."

Lauren Barrett (Ensign Janet MacGregor/Native) just graduated from Eleanor Roosevelt High School and is entering the University of Maryland. She has played the roles of Siebel in excerpts from Faust, and Nettie in Carousel. In addition to performing, Lauren enjoys volleyball, softball, and anything adventurous. She thanks Mom, Dad, and Sean, and sends love to Andrea, Jeff, Bobbe, and everyone else for all of the love and amazing memories.

Mike Barroga (Cmdr Harbison USN) is a junior at DeMatha High School, who enjoys roller blading, street hockey, cooking, writing horror stories, and watching scary stories. Mike has performed in Annie, Music Man, and Carousel. He thanks God, his family and friends, the cast and crew, Mrs. V., and the audience for coming to see a great show.

Paul E. Chamberlain (Private Sven Larson) is an 8th grader at the Thomas G. Pullen Arts Magnet school. He especially enjoys acting, singing, and movies, and has performed in Really Rosie and Ants'Hillvania, as well as several school plays. Paul thanks his mother and father for all their support and for "putting up with me." He also thanks everyone who has allowed him to be a part of this production.

Lavinia Creswa (Ensign Connie Walewska/Nun) is a sophomore at Suitland High School, majoring in voice. She has appeared at the Kennedy Center in the Joffrey Ballet's production of Nutcracker, has danced for Disney Productions in the Cherry Blossom Parade, Disneyland and Disneyworld, and has been seen in local community theatre productions. Lavinia is delighted to have been able to spend this summer terrorizing the South Pacificwith Chelsea. She sends her thanks to God; her teachers, Angela Powell Walker, Rosemary Dyer, and Fran Peters; and her love to her Principe, Brannon.

Amber Dziduch (Nurse/Nun) is entering the 10th grade at Bowie High School. She has performed in many local productions, including Joseph (twice), You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, Zoot Suit Riot, and Ants'Hillvania. Amber has played the piano for six years, and enjoys school choirs and sports. She thanks her sister for the rides, and her family and friends for their support. "I hope that you'll see me on the stage again."

Nicole Dziduch (Ensign Pamela Whitmore) is a senior at Bowie High School, and has appeared in many plays, including Dragontale, Joseph, Zoot Suit Riot, Ducktales and Bobbie Socks, and Santa Ma Jazz. Nicole also enjoys singing in chamber, church, and school choirs, Odyssey of the Mind competitions, being a pain to her mother, and waitressing at the Memphis B-B-Q. "Good luck to everyone in the cast. Thanks for being a great director, Cathy!"

Brian Ernest (Sgt Kenneth Johnson) is entering New York University. He enjoys singing, theatre, and the piano, and has performed in many productions, including On the Town, Hello Dolly, Damn Yankees, and Cinderella. Brian thanks Mom, Dad, Jeff and Greg.

Melissa Gambriel (Ensign Dinah Murphy/French Girl) is a sophomore at Bowie High School. Her past appearances are too numerous to list, but include Joseph, Gypsy, Metropolis, and A Christmas Carol. Melissa is active in the Poms, and as Vice President of her class. She loves singing, dancing and making people smile. She thanks Casey, Terri, and everyone else who gave her rides. "Break a leg baby!"

Mary Anne Heath (Ensign Cora MacRae/French Girl) will be entering the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in the fall. She enjoys sweet dreams, laughter, and singing in the shower. Previous performances include Carousel, Music Man, Fiddler on the Roof, and Cinderella. Mary Anne sends thanks to Fauna Anne, "I only wish you could have been here!"

Lindsey Halley (Ensign Bessie Noonan) is a junior at Archbishop Spalding High School. Her previous performances include Wizard of Oz, Annie, Santa's Frosty Follies, and Godspell. Lindsey thanks her mom and dad, Mrs. Quigley for all the rids, her little sis Jess, Mrs. Hammond and Jeff. "Hi to Kelly, Andrea, Christina, Erin, and Justin.

Stacie Hering (Ensign Lisa Minelli) is entering 9th grade at Sherwood/Blake High School. Her interests are dance, theatre, and reading, and she has performed in The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Music Man, and The Wiz. Stacie thanks her mom for driving her to all the rehearsals and the rest of her family for being so supportive.

Kali Hirschy-Houch (Ensign Sue Yaeger) is an 8th grader at the Bowie Montessori Children's House. She has performed in many productions, including Carousel, Music Man, Hello Dolly, and Fiddler on the Roof. Kali enjoys soccer as well as acting and singing. She thanks the Ruggieri and Secules families for all the rides. "Thin Wheats anyone?"

Aaron Jackson (Luther Billis) is a sophomore at the University of Maryland who enjoys backpacking, running, reading, church, writing, hanging out with friends, and sleeping. Aaron's past performances include Music Man, Snoopy!!! (twice), Carousel, and Joseph. He thanks "my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for giving me a little talent and the desire and opportunity to use it."

Tressa Jones (Lt. Genevieve Marshall/French Girl) is entering her freshman year at West Virginia University. She has performed in Annie, Hello Dolly, Damn Yankees, and Kiss Me Kate, as well in the pit for several other productions. Tressa enjoys juggling, softball, and skiing as well as music and playing horn.

Greg Kadajski (Lt. Buzz Adams) is a senior at DeMatha High School. He plays trumpet and guitar, and South Pacific is his first show. Greg thanks his family and friends for urging him to do this — "the first one is always the hardest."

Christa Kronser (Nurse/French Girl) is a seventh grader at Benjamin Tasker Middle School. Her past performances include Really Rosie, Ants'Hillvania, Joseph, and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. She also enjoys swimming, sleeping, talking, and shopping. Christa thanks Kali, Amelia, Tessa, Jessica, and the rest of the cast and crew, and her family and friends in the audience. "Luv ya!"

Robbie Kronser (Jerome/Native Boy) is a 2nd grader at Heather Hills Elementary School. He has performed in Carousel, Joseph, and Ants'Hillvania. When Robbie is not performing or singing in the Maryland Boys' Choir, he enjoys soccer, basketball, baseball, swimming and tennis. He thanks his mom for driving him to rehearsal, and God for his talents.

Kevin Massey (Lt. Joe Cable ) is a music major and pre- med student at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He has performed in many productions, including Godspell, Fantasticks, Pumpboys and Dinettes, and Seven Brides. Kevin enjoys soccer and sailing, and directs the UNC Clef Hangers (an all-male acappella group). He thanks the Whites for putting up with him this summer, Debra Evans and the crew for their encouragement, and his family for their continual love and support.

Molly McGaughran (Liat) is a tenth grader at Northern High School. She has appeared in Wizard of Oz, and in a number of ballets, including Nutcracker, Les Sylphides, and La Bayadere. In addition to classical ballet, Molly enjoys chorus and church choir. She thanks everyone involved with South Pacific for such a great time.

Chelsea Mitchell (Bloody Mary) is entering Towson University in the fall. She has performed the role of Jesus in Godspell and the role of Antigone in Oedipus, as well as traveling in Europe performing. Chelsea was president of Suitland's chorus in 1998-99, choreographer for the Suitland Show Choir 1996-99, and won two silver and one bronze medals in the NAACP Act-So Vocal Competition. She thanks her parents for driving her everywhere and Lavi for keeping her sane and nice.

Bobbe Morhiser (Nurse/Nellie understudy) is entering her sophomore year at Towson University. She has performed in Carousel, and a Christmas production at Burn Brae theatre. Bobbe enjoys bassoon, voice, lacrosse, swimming, and any activity that involves children. She thanks Mom and Joe along with all the love she's received from her very best friends: Kelly, Jeff, Brian, Lauren, Angie Jean, and "everyone else I forgot!"

Kurt Nelson (Radioman McCaffrey) is a senior at Eleanor Roosevelt High School, who enjoys choir, theatre, and piano. Kurt has performed in Damn Yankees, Music Man(as Tommy), 42nd Street, and You're a Good Man Charlie Brown (as Charlie Brown). He thanks his family and friends for their support.

Daniel David Notley (Henry, Seabee) is a freshman in high school, who enjoys botany, electronics, and computers, as well as music and acting. Daniel has performed in many area productions, including Wizard of Oz, Carousel, Music Man, and Fiddler on the Roof. This is his second play with PG Summer Teen Theatre, and he thanks his mom, Kathy, Sharon, and many others for helping his develop his talents and interests.

Jessica Quigley (Ngana) is entering the 7th grade in the fall. She has performed in many area plays, including Music Man (twice), Fiddler on the Roof, and Annie with Kathy Hammen. In addition to singing and the theatre, Jessica enjoys cheerleading. She thanks mom, dad, Lindsey, Mr. Cooper and Jessica. Jessica also thanks God for her ability to be on stage. "All my love to Jeff and Kathy who are the best and encourage me so much."

Amelia Ruggieri (Nurse/Native Girl) is entering the 9thgrade at Eleanor Roosevelt High School. She has performed in many plays, including Carousel, Hello Dolly, and Music Man. She also enjoys skydiving, bungee jumping, surfing on the Dead Sea, and sleeping late. Amelia thanks Stephen, Kali, Dana, Christa, Tessa, and the rest of the cast, her family, and all the cows!

Niketta Scott (Nurse/Bloody Mary understudy) will be entering Rutgers University in the fall. She has performed in many area productions, including Bye Bye Birdie, 42ndStreet, and Oliver. Niketta enjoys singing, acting, piano, writing song lyrics and poetry, steel drums, and clarinet. "It is a great pleasure to be involved with such an expanding organization as PGSTT and being able to work with talented people who all enjoy the same art."

Stephen Secules (Seabee Richard West) is a student at Eleanor Roosevelt High School, who enjoys playing the piano and percussion, surfing the internet, and sleeping. Steven has performed in Carousel, and played percussion for Fiddler, Cinderella, and Joseph. He sends thanks to God, his parents and siblings, Amelia, and friends. "Orange Rocks!! Thanks everyone for coming!"

Kristin Silvestro (Nellie Forbush/Assistant Choreographer) is entering Weber State University with the goal of being a director and choreographer. Her favorite roles have been Chava in Fiddler on the Roof, Lola in Damn Yankees, and Minnie Fay in Hello Dolly. Kristin thanks Kathy for this great opportunity, and her family and friends for their support.

Tessa Silvestro (Nurse) will be starting 9th grade in the fall at Great Mills High School. She enjoys performing, as well as doing crosswords and just relaxing. Past performances include Wizard of Oz, Annie, Music Man, and Flipside Fairy Tales. She thanks Mom, Dad, Lauren, Julie, Krissy, Carlton, Bradley, and Kurt for all their support and help.

Kendal Sparks (Stewpot) is a freshman at Eleanor Roosevelt High School. He has played Hook in Peter Pan and Mayor Shinn in Music Man, among other roles. Kendal enjoys playing piano and french horn, and hanging out with friends. He thanks God "for never giving up on me," and his family and friends for being a great taxi service.

Aaron Spells (Yeoman Herbert Quale) is a sophomore at Bowie High School. He enjoys singing, dancing, and baseball, and has performed previously in Guys and Dolls, as well as many church plays. Aaron thanks everyone in the cast, "you're a good group." He also thanks Missy for talking him into it, and Mom and Dad — "love you."

Harold Tagunicar (Capt. Brackett ) is a student at Eleanor Roosevelt High School. He has performed in Free to Be You and Me and 42nd Street, as well as various productions in Middle School. Harold plays clarinet in a Dixieland Combo, and in the ERHS wind ensemble, and also enjoys karate and writing. He thanks his family, friends, the cast, and Mr. Bob Garman.

Matt Thorpe (S.Sgt. Thomas Hassinger) is a student at Bowie Senior High School. He has performed in Godspell, Carousel, Joseph, and Ants'Hillvania, among other productions. Matt enjoys singing, acting, and the movies. He thanks his parents and the Barroga's for the rides, Paul for sharing his script, and all the cast.

Ben Turner (Sailor Tom O'Brien) is entering the Suitland High School Visual and Performing Arts program in September. He has played the role of Winthrop in Music Man, and the Bear in Babes in Toyland, Really. Along with acting and singing, Ben enjoys playing football and soccer and swimming. He is excited about this debut with the PG Summer Teen Theatre.

Kushagra Verma (Professor) will be entering Cornell University in the fall. He has performed in On the Town, Damn Yankees, 42nd Street, and Alice Coming of Age. Kush also enjoys biking and playing the saxophone — both alto and tenor.

Philip Walters (Seabee/Emil de Becque understudy) is a senor at Eleanor Roosevelt High School. He has played Mickey and Mr. Hawkins in Damn Yankees, and the wine steward in Cinderella. He enjoys playing tuba, singing baritone in the chamber choir, viola, softball, and photograph. Philip gives thanks to God, Mom, Dad, cast, and crew. Special thanks to Bobbe, and also to Carmund and Krissy.

Carmund White (Emile de Becque) will be a sophomore at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill in the fall, where he is majoring in voice performance and political science. This is Carmund's first full musical. He enjoys swimming and reading, as well as singing, and thanks Kevin and Jeff for encouraging him to do this, and his mother for her continuing love and support.

Who's Who on the Production Team

Jeffrey Benson (Music Director) is currently pursuing a career in music at New York University. Jeff began directing choirs three years ago, as the Youth Choir Director at Mt. Harmony Church. At NYU, he just completed his second year as the music director and conductor of the NYU Chamber Singers — a 16-voice auditioned choral ensemble that he founded. In New York, Jeff has performed in such venues as Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center, and Carnegie Hall. South Pacificmarks his first attempt at a musical, and as an alumnus of PGSTT, Jeff is thrilled to be given this opportunity. He thanks his family and friends for their support, Jim Roper for the answers, Kathy for the faith, and Judy for the sanity.

Rick Bergman (Stage Manager) is a junior at the University of Maryland, College Park. He has acted in and worked on tech in several shows, including A Midsummer's Night Dream, Antigone, and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. This is Rick's first time as stage manager.

Angie Colea (Rehearsal/performance pianist) is very thankful to be a part of South Pacific this year. She has been in and played piano for numerous plays, but definitely considers this one of the most lovable casts she has ever worked with. She would like to thank God for all his love and blessings, and mom for her support. Also, Angie thanks Jeff for being such a great musical director. To everyone else in the cast, "I LOVE YOU!"

Mel Grier (Co-Producer) decided to co-produce South Pacific for three reasons. First, from previous PGSTT shows, he had seen, he knew he would be associate with a very talented group of young people, and this is certainly proving to be true. "The media would be well served to devote more print to people such as these." Second, Mel and Kathy (the director) co-produced Trip to Bountiful for the Bowie Community Theatre and he knew he would enjoy working with her again. Finally, when Judy agreed to co-produce, Mel knew he had a colleague who knew the ins and outs of PGSTT and would keep him out of trouble. "Not much of a bio but I did want to express my appreciation to those who made the decision an easy one."

Kathleen Hammen (Director/Choreographer) returns to PGSTT after last directing The Music Man in 1995 and their 30th Anniversary production of Annie. A veteran performer and director, Kathleen particularly enjoys working with young people. Special thanks to Jeff for being the ultimate professional, Jim, Judy and Mel for their unwavering support and commitment to PGSTT, and most importantly, Richard for his love.

Judy Quigley (Co-Producer) has been a member of the PGSTT board for several years. However, this is her first venture into the production world, and she loves it. Judy became involved in theatre because of Jessica, who is the performer, but she was in the cast of Music Man and Fiddler on the Roof, both directed by Kathy. Special thanks to Kathy and Jeff who are the BEST of the best. Thanks also to Mel for being so great to work with, and to all the production staff, cast and crew who made this year one of the best.

Jeffrey Benson Conductor
Angela Colea Piano
Nick Kadajski Flute
Rebecca Lemus Clarinet
Brendan Cooper Clarinet
Mike Farris Trumpet
Greg Crosswhite Trumpet
Tom Silio Trombone
Kelly Meissner French Horn
Jeremy Barth Bass
Kevin Skolnik Percussion

Tech Crew
Technical Director: Gary Heath
Stage Manager: Rick Bergmann
Allie Butler
Jim Cooper
Ian Cooper
Kim Halley
Amanda Kennel
Hillary Miles
Malika N'Diaye
Heather Norden
Dana Pinchoti
Emily Reams
Jennifer Reams
Katie Riegel
Ashley Rooney
Richard Tracey

Production Staff
Director/Choreographer Kathleen Hammen
Music Director Jeffrey Benson
Rehearsal Pianist Angela Colea
Assistant Choreographer Kristin Silvestro
Producers Mel Grier and Judy Quigley
Board Liaison Jim Cooper
Technical Director Gary Heath
Stage Manager Rick Bergmann
Costume Coordinators Suzi Reams and Frances Notley
Scenic Design Kathleen Hammen and Gary Heath
House Manager Laurie Barroga
Photographer Jim Reiter
Program Design Margery Turner
Props Coordinator Judye Hering
Publicity Coordinator Lynn Fowler
Box Office Coordinator Marguerite Connolly
Sound Kip Reams
Advertising Ginny Silvestro
Chaperones Lori Kronser
Concessions Judye Hering
Ushers Debbie Cooper

Prince George's Summer Teen Theatre

Prince George's Summer Teen Theatre (PGSTT) began in 1967. In its 32 summers and 32 musical presentations, PGSTT has provided opportunities for growth in theatre arts to young people of Prince George's County and surrounding areas. PGSTT is incorporated as a not-for- profit community theatre group with a volunteer board.

One important goal of PGSTT is the education of young people in all facets of theatre arts. Through the audition, rehearsal, and production phases, we conduct a yearly summer experience in theatre. Students who participate return summer after summer, and often the young people involved in our productions, whether as performers or stage crew, stay involved in theatre through their schools and other community-based groups.

Many of the cast and crew members have participated in other local community productions. Some have gone on to study theatre at such schools as the Boston Conservatory, the University of Maryland, New York University, Marymount Manhattan, and Shenandoah University, just to name a few.

Of note, too, is the fact that the artistic and technical staff from PGSTT's productions are involved year long in theatre efforts from schools and community theatre to professional endeavors.

We at PGSTT continue to be proud of our staff and our yearly summer productions. We have a strong support base of patrons who look forward to our "summer show" and, most importantly, PGSTT offers young people a chance to be involved in musical theatre and an opportunity to grow in self-confidence.

1. To encourage and promote interests in all facets of theatre arts and their production through a summer program for area students.
2. To provide instruction and knowledge in the various standards and skills of various theatrical arts for the teenaged group.
3. To bring the students and the theatre into a closer relationship so that both may benefit.
4. To develop between the student and the theatre such programs and productions that will provide an insight into and an appreciation of the theatre and the theatrical arts.

Special thanks to our volunteer webmaster -- Michael Gilmore
Special Acknowledgments -- The production team, cast, and crew thank Jim Roper and Jim Reiter.

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